How to Play Blackjack at Instant Play Casinos

There are several reasons why some casinos offer instant play games. First, you don’t have to download software or wait for a lengthy registration process. Second, you can start playing immediately after making the deposit. Third, you can enjoy playing from anywhere even without Internet access. If you plan to visit such casino sites, then knowing how to play blackjack at instant play casinos is inevitable. In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the game rules and strategies.

Instant play games allow players to instantly begin playing without downloading any software. This feature makes the gaming experience much easier because all you have to do is make a deposit and start playing. The best thing about these games is that you can play them without having any prior knowledge about the game.

The Goal of Online Blackjack

Your goal as an online player should be to beat the dealer in each hand. The basic strategy for blackjack is pretty simple. You would like to get 21 points or more when your cards total 10 or 11. Also, you want to avoid getting below 0, which means busting. It is advisable not to bet more than 1/2 of your initial $10 stake. There are three types of bets available: Insurance, Re-Deal (Redeal) and Split Bet.

Insurance Bets

If you know that you are going to lose, it’s better to take insurance on the table by increasing your wager. When you increase your bet, your chances of winning decrease. However, if you increase your wager enough, you may win back what you lost. Insuring against losing helps to prevent over-betting so you will not go broke.


A re-deal happens when one of the other players pushes his card back into the deck giving the dealer another card. However, when it comes to splitting, it is better to split two hands with the same number of face-up cards instead of just one hand. For example, if you hold a flush, you would rather split five $1 bets rather than four.

Split Betting

As opposed to the previous two types, a split bet is used when both hands are identical. One way to deal with split bets is to only use half of the money you originally deposited. Another method is to put down an equal amount of money on both hands. Thus, if you have a $100 bet, on one hand, you could also place a $50 wager on the other hand. But before you decide to split, check the odds of receiving additional cards.

Online Casino Games – How to Win?

Blackjack has become very popular amongst the public since it became very easy to learn. Many people find it very addictive due to its simplicity and the fact that you can “win” whether you are lucky or unlucky. And as far as luck goes, there are always those who say they are lucky and those who aren’t.

However, regardless of your personal opinions on gambling, there are ways to improve your odds of winning. These techniques include taking advantage of different bonuses offered by the various online casinos, being careful with your bankroll, and understanding the game basics.

Blackjack Rules

When it comes to playing on the internet, the first rule of thumb is to treat every online casino site differently. They are all run by individuals or small groups of individuals. Therefore, they each have their own quirks, policies, and procedures. So you must be careful and familiarize yourself with the website’s rules and regulations. Read everything carefully and understand it before attempting to play.

Another important point to remember is that you need to be extremely cautious of casinos that require you to sign up through them, particularly with no free bonuses. Usually, these sites tend to be less trustworthy.

The most common form of cheating occurs when players deliberately change their bet from time to time or increase or decrease it without changing their strategies. This kind of activity is called ‘shady dealing.’ To avoid this kind of cheating, double-check the dealer and make sure he or she hasn’t changed his or her position during the hand. Try to keep track of how much money you deposit at any given moment and where you put the money. Remember that some casinos offer tiered bonus rates based upon your level of gambling experience or past deposits.

Play Smart

Playing Blackjack smart is the key to winning. If you don’t take advantage of the many benefits afforded to you in the world of blackjack such as doubling your winnings and side-betting your opponent, then you will definitely lose. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a seasoned player; the more money you invest in Blackjack, the greater the chance for success. 

The best thing about blackjack is that the house edge is so low. Even though the games do not guarantee wins, the probability is still pretty high. That’s why even the worst strategy can work out well. When you’re using your brain to play skillfully, you’ll notice that the game becomes fun and exciting again!